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What’s included

Receive the most viable digital and video reports of why people are drawn to you and how you can change the world.

  • The Quiggle Assessment™

    Based on the 5-Factor Model of Personality and extensive research on communication and leadership, this personality test makes it simple to act. Determine your Success Symbol in just 21 questions.

  • Your Success Profile

    Detailed descriptions of the Strengths of your Success Symbol, Videos from your peers explaining your Success Symbol, Communication Coaching with other Success Symbols

  • Build Your Success Slogan and Success Story

    Determine Your Leadership Adjective and Create a Success Slogan, Draft a Success Story. Hooking a perspective employer or client is all about making yourself interesting in less than 8 seconds. Create a success slogan you can use at every interview.

$189 for one quiggle assessment™

Discounted Group Pricing is Available For Groups Larger Than 25.
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Pre-Paid Assessments are Available.
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